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'Peter' Skidmore: The Man Who Never Was 
The Castlecary Hoard and The Civil War Currency of Scotland 
'Gold Is The Strength, The Sinnewes of The World': Continental Gold and Tudor England 
The Proportions of The Denominations in English Mint Outputs 1352-1485 
The Mint of Aylesbury 
Anglo-Saxon Law and Numismatics: A Reassessment in The Light of Patrick Wormald's The Making Of English Law 
Presidential Address 2006. Currency under The Vikings. Part 3: Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man and Scotland in The Ninth and Tenth Centuries 
The Coinage of Aethelred I (865-871) 
Runic Sceattas Reading EPA, Types R1 & R2 
Coins in Context: Coinage and Votive Deposition in Iron Age South-East Leicestershire